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Milan Safety



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Type Respiratory
Size Medium
Usage/Application Respiratory Protection
Color Orange
Brand Jayco
Article No MS 3019

         Product Description

Pocket smoke- escaping mask 20 minutes escaping time Based on the statistics; injuries and deaths caused by fire usually Occurred during the first few minutes of fire and smoke is the major killer

Pocket smoke mask –escaping mask is made of top graded fireproof emperture - resistance kapton film produced by dupontWithtop quality assurance

A)  The dupont kapton film cover resists high temprature of 500c with afull angle of view this mask film has passed ul test [ usa] Ul no e39505

B)  Heavy smoke filter and good for 20 minutes six layer of filter with carbon activited fiber from lenzing ag austria using high temprature sealing technicque the filter are manufactured to foam many pore structure with alarge surface Areas and a much higher absorption efficency than that of reguler activated carbon and the doubly secured design from its two bet 1300filter even tiny smoke particales can be exclded through this filter design Pocket smoke –escaping mask is effectively to protects user from carbon monoxide , hydrogen cyanide , formaldehyde, ammonia, hydrocloride, acrylic acid carbon dioxide, and hassium , benzol, and many other chemical

C)  Heatproof elastic rubber and suitable to adults and kids elastic neck strap is made of fire resistance tpu film one size for al adultus and children. Pocket smoke escaping mask is vacuummedly packed with aluminium foils and is good for five year when the seal is not opened

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