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Electric Insulated Seamless Gloves JS1016

Electric Insulated Seamless Gloves JS1016

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Article No. JS 1016   |   Model No. 
Product Name : Electric Insulated Seamless Gloves
Details :

Electro-Saviour (EN 60903:2003 + AC2:2005)

Application : Insulating gloves Electro-Saviour are applicable for electrical purposes exclusively as the basic personal protective tool for live working at voltages up to 26.5 kV.

Characteristic : Electro-Saviour gloves of insulating material have ergonomic shape & are made from high quality natural latex using fully automated production line. Each glove is individually numbered & electrically tested using computer controlled testing arrangement. Report of this test is attached to each individual glove package. The ergonomic shape & elasticity of glove makes comfortable & easy manual work even when anti perspiration inner cotton glove &/or protector leather gloves are worn over.

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