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Karam EP 02 - Corded Disposable Foam Ear Plug (Pack of 50)

Karam EP 02 - Corded Disposable Foam Ear Plug (Pack of 50)

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Noise can often be very detrimental to the human ears when exposed for a prolonged time. To eliminate these, Karam - Corded Disposable Foam Ear Plug has been considered a holy grail in all heavy machine industries and industries where the sound decibel is very high. These foam earplugs help greatly in the attenuation of noise in the industries. The Corded Disposable Foam Ear Plug provides a close fit to your ear, securely from harmful noises. The Foam Ear Plug has a unique shape that makes it easier to insert it inside the ear. Since this requires close contact with the skin in the ear, the material of this earplug is made up of a non-irritant and a non-allergic material. Karam - Corded Disposable Foam Ear Plug comes in one size, which can fit all. The convenience with which these Corded Disposable Foam Ear Plugs could be used is the biggest advantage to the engineers and other workers in the industry.

Product Specifications:

Brand: Karam

Model number: EP02

Disposable type: Yes


Foam material for extra softness

Made of non-allergic material

It comes along with a cotton cord

Product Specifications


Country of Origin: 
IS Specifications: 
EN 352-2:2002
EP 02
Corded Disposable Foam Ear Plug
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