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Karam ES 001 NG - Construction Workers Choice Safety Glass

Karam ES 001 NG - Construction Workers Choice Safety Glass

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Karam ES 001 NG - Construction Workers Choice Safety Glass is protective eyewear that provides high-level safety to the eyes from high-speed particles, water or chemicals. It is made of polycarbonate and the lenses are scratch resistant hard coated. The wrap-around design of this safety goggles provides better coverage. It is an extremely lightweight glass with exceptional impact and splash protection providing excellent vision. Karam safety glass is equipped with a flexible frame which virtually ensures a close snug fit on both small and large face profiles. The smoked lens protects the eyes from harmful UV radiation. These Karam ES 001 NG glasses have high impact resistant lenses that are tested at elevated temperature.

Product Attributes:

• Hard-coated polycarbonate lens
• Smoked lens model protects from UV rays
• Wrap around design
• Impact resistant lens
• Exceptional impact and splash protection
• Flexible frame with a snug fit


• Lightweight
• Better coverage and comfort
• Watch on temple for displaying month and year of manufacturing
• Tested for disinfection
• Robust
• Corrosion resistant
• Ignition resistant
• Optically tested
• Flame resistant

Product Specifications


Area of Application: 
Construction sit
Country of Origin: 
IS Specifications: 
EN 166:2002, EN 167:2001 & EN 172 :1994, EN 168:2001, ANSI Z 87.1 Ð 2010
Material Type: 
ES 001 NG
Construction Workers Choice Safety Glass
26 grams
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