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Karam ES 003 (IR-5) - Gas Welder's Choice Welding Safety Glass

Karam ES 003 (IR-5) - Gas Welder's Choice Welding Safety Glass

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  • Hard Coated Lens for Scratch Resistance.
  • Polycarbonate lens integrating the side-shields for perfect protection.
  • Temple grips equipped with soft cushioning pads, making it more comfortable for all day use.
  • Adjustable temple length to customize fit on the users head. Length adjustable within a range of 13 mm.
  • Temple/ Side Arms capable of tilting within a wide angle range (upto 60 degree) there by adjusting to provide the best possible fit.
  • Resistance to corrosion
  • Universal Nose bridge
  • Pivoting Navy Blue Nylon frame
Product Specifications


Area of use: 
Areas involving gas welding operations, Areas where there is molten met
Country of Origin: 
Lens Material: 
Lens Scale Number: 
ES 003 (IR-5)
Gas Welder's Choice Welding Safety Glass
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