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Karam ES 51 (01) - Face Shield

Karam ES 51 (01) - Face Shield

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The Karam ES 51 (01) face shield is a premium product that provides protection to the users against any impact from the front and side. Karam visors can be mounted on to Karam safety helmets. This allows a range of face shields to be attached to the latter. The benefit of using a Karam face shield with a helmet is that it offers a wide field of view. The Karam ES 51 (01) face shield is economical and suitable for use in various industries such as metal cutting, spray painting, carpeting, petroleum and chemical industries, grinding, processing, electric welding and others.

Product Attributes:

• Protection against impact from front and side
• Suitable for use in different industries


• Offers a wide field of view
• Economical

Product Specifications


Area of Application: 
Metal cutting operation, Spray painting, Carpentering, Petroleum industry, Chemical industry, Grinding, Processing, Electric welding, Iron and steel industry, etc.
Country of Origin: 
ES 51 (01)
Face Shield
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