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Karam Horizon PN 3000 - Temporary Horizontal Anchorage Line

Karam Horizon PN 3000 - Temporary Horizontal Anchorage Line

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The Karam Horizon PN 3000 Horizontal Anchorage Line is a horizontal anchorage lifeline. It is made up of 30 mm polyester webbing. It comes with the Karam Ratchet tensioner which allows easy tensioning between two structures. The two ends of the line are fitted with Auto Locking Karabiners made of steel. The whole system of the Karam Horizontal anchorage line is supplied with a bag which is attached to the assembly in a permanent fashion. The user is able to carry the bag by attaching it to his shoulder via hanging straps. Once the bag is fitted on to his shoulder, the user is able to put back the extra webbing into the bag if it is not deployed along the bag’s length. The total length available is between 5 m to 20 m. After the lifeline is fitted it can be attached to the Lanyard of his Harness by the user using a Karabiner. This ensures movement along the line, while the user is safe and secure all the time.

Product Attributes:

• Made of 30 mm polyester webbing
• Fitted with Ratchet tensioner
• Two ends fitted with auto locking steel karabiners
• Whole system supplied with a bag
• Total length available is 5 m to 20 m
• Lifeline can be attached to Lanyard by a Karabiner


• Convenient to use
• User is kept safe and secure

Product Specifications


Country of Origin: 
IS Specifications: 
EN 795:1996, Class B
Horizon PN 3000
Temporary Horizontal Anchorage Line
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