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Karam LA0500 10 - 11.5 kg Load Arrester

Karam LA0500 10 - 11.5 kg Load Arrester

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Karam 11.5 kg load arrester is a very effective solution in many fields of application to automatically stop the fall of a load. These fall protection equipments use galvanized steel wire rope with a diameter of 6 mm. These fall arresters are designed such that it can resist the fall of a weight up to 500 kg. It can handle heavy loads and offer additional security in case of failure of the primary system that is intended to restrain the weight. Karam LAO500 10 has a casing that is made of high strength polymer which is practically indestructible and has assembly strength greater than 7 kN and wire rope that has a breaking strength over 25 kN. It can elongate up to 10 m. It is available in blue colour and has high-quality hooks.

Product Attributes:

• 500 kg load capacity
• 10 m length
• IS specification of Machine Directive 2006/42/CE


• Long lasting
• Fit for regular use in extreme conditions
• Versatility with respect to purpose

Product Specifications


Country of Origin: 
IS Specifications: 
Machine Directive 2006/42/CE
10 Meters
Load Capacity: 
500 kg
11.5 kg Load Arrester
11.5 kg
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