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Karam PCWB 02 - 2 meter Retractable Block Polymer Casing with Webbing

Karam PCWB 02 - 2 meter Retractable Block Polymer Casing with Webbing

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Karam PCWB 02 is a Fall Arrester that is prominently used in several industries where the worker has to operate in risky conditions. The Fall Arrester can be used along with the Karam Twisted Anchorage Line. The Karam Retractable Block with Polymer casing is a Fall Protection Equipment that allows workers to operate up to 2m away from the point of anchorage. The casing of the Karam Retractable Block is made of high impact strength polymer, which prevents breakage and thus ensures durability. The Karam Retractable Block has a minimum breaking strength of 15 kN, guaranteeing worker safety. The 25mm wide webbing also ensures that minimum shock is transferred to the body of the worker in case of a fall.

Product Attributes:

• High strength polymer casing
• PN 162 Hook with Load indicator at attachment end
• 2 m long webbing
• 25 mm width webbing
• Minimum breaking strength of 15 kN


• Effective and reliable
• Lightweight
• Sturdy and durable
• Adaptable and convenient to use
• Shatterproof

Product Specifications


Country of Origin: 
IS Specification: 
EN 360:2002
Minimum Breaking Strength: 
15 kN
2 meter Retractable Block Polymer Casing with Webbing
Webbing Length: 
2 meters
1.22 Kg
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