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Karam PN 134 - 50 mm Steel Tower Hook

Karam PN 134 - 50 mm Steel Tower Hook

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When it comes to working at high altitude or towers the protection equipment you choose is very important. Karam steel tower hooks are top quality and protect you well when your life’s on line. The fall protection equipment is made of high quality alloy steel which is very sturdy and long lasting. These hooks and connectors have good bearing capacity with a minimum breaking strength of 25 kN. Karam PN 134 is non-corrosive and comes with silver/golden yellow galvanised finish.
Product Attributes:
• Minimum breaking strength of 25 kN
• Silver/Golden yellow galvanised finish
• High strength
• Good bearing capacity
• Double secured opening and closing system
• IS Specifications: EN 362:2004 Class T
• Durable
• Perfect finish
• Rustproof
• Non-corrosive
• Stable
• Sturdy
• Ease of use

Product Specifications


Country of Origin: 
Finish Available: 
Silver/ Golden Yellow Galvanized
Gate Opening Size: 
50 mm
IS Specifications: 
EN 362:2004 Class T
Material Type: 
Alloy Steel
Minimum Breaking Strength: 
25 kN
PN 134
725.0 Grams
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