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Karam PN 145 - 385 Grams JED I Hook

Karam PN 145 - 385 Grams JED I Hook

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Karam PN 145- 385 Grams JED I Hook is a forged hook that used for heavy-duty operations as it handles much higher strength. This hook has a minimum breaking strength of 23 kN. The body of this hook is proof load tested ensuring the strength of each hook manufactured. Karam JED I Hook is tested to ensure that the gate is also able to withstand a load of minimum 16 kN, from gate face and gate sides. This hook and connector have a gate opening of 20 mm. Karam PN 145 hook minimizes risks of rolling out.
Product Attributes:
• Forged hook
• Handles load of minimum 16 kN
• Gate opening of 20 mm
• Minimum breaking strength of 23 kN
• Proof load-tested
• Minimizes risk
• Higher strength

Product Specifications


Country of Origin: 
Gate Opening Size: 
20 mm
IS Specification: 
ANSI Z 359.12-2009 & EN 362:2004
PN 145
JED-I Hook
385 Grams

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