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Karam PN 244 - Work Positioning Lanyard with Ring Adjuster

Karam PN 244 - Work Positioning Lanyard with Ring Adjuster

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Karam PN 244 work positioning lanyard with ring adjuster can be connected to lateral D-rings or work positioning belts. The lanyards are made out of high quality polyester which is very durable and safe while working at heights. The ring-type adjuster of this fall protective equipment is manufactured with high-grade alloy steel.
Product Attributes:
• Made of Kernmantle rope of 12 mm diameter
• Easy to connect Steel Karabiner PN 112 at both the ends for attachment
• Manual Ring type adjuster made of forged alloy steel
• Conforms to EN 358:1999 IS Specifications
• High-quality alloy steel
• Enhanced security
• Durable
• Ease of use
• Easy length adjustment

Product Specifications


Country of Origin: 
IS Specifications: 
EN 358:1999
Max. Length: 
2.0 m
PN 244
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