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Karam PN 401 (A) - Rescue Sling

Karam PN 401 (A) - Rescue Sling

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Have you ever imagined how you are going to deal with a situation when you are out, up high on a mountain or on a skyscraper and you need to carry up or down along with you your injured friend or co-worker? The expert guides suggest that to keep a couple of Karam rescue slings ready in your baggage as these are very useful fall protection equipments for workers working at heights. Karam PN 401 (A) is made of polyamide twisted rope which has a length of 0.05 m. These fall arresters have loops on both the ends for attaching to clamps and to harness belts. Karam rescue slings are highly efficient by reducing weight while dragging, lifting or carrying.
Product Attributes:
• 0.5 m in length
• Made of polyamide twisted rope
• Loop at both ends of the rope
• Strong and reliable
• Compact and lightweight
• Effective for rescue option

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PN 401 (A)
Rescue Sling
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