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Karam PN 402 (L) - Aluminium Alloy Rope Clamp

Karam PN 402 (L) - Aluminium Alloy Rope Clamp

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Karam PN 402 (L) is fall protection equipment made of aluminium alloy. This fall arrester is manufactured keeping safety in mind, especially in work involving at higher altitude whether at a construction site, painting or window cleaning of a multi-storey building, rock or mountain climbing or working at an electric pole. Weighing only 140 gm, these rope clamps can be easily carried around and they have a length of 202 mm. The aluminium alloy rope clamps can easily be attached to any harness belts to make working at height secured and easier. Karam aluminium alloy rope clamps come in eye-catching colour and beautiful design. You can also use them to secure a bunch of your keys.
Product Attributes:
• 202 mm in length
• Made up of aluminium alloy
• Attractive design and colour
• Strong grip
• Enhanced security
• Durable and reliable
• Lightweight design
• Easy to use and carry around
• Compatible with any harness belts

Product Specifications


Country of Origin: 
202 mm
PN 402 (L)
Aluminium Alloy Rope Clamp
140 grams
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