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Karam PN 815 (03) - 190 grams Hanging Hook Telescopic Pole System

Karam PN 815 (03) - 190 grams Hanging Hook Telescopic Pole System

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The Karam Telescopic Pole System ensures safety and security. These lightweight Karam PN 815 (03) hooks and connectors are easy to set up and have a working reach of 10.5 m, while the fully extended length of the pole extension is 8.95 m assuming the average height of the user is 1.55 m. Karam Telescopic Pole system is used to enable overhead anchors at far heights. It is light, made up of fibreglass, and can be effectively used to install a distant anchor point. Karam PN 815 (03) fall protection equipment has an open expanded height of 7.95 m. The closed length of these hooks and connectors apparatus is 1.95 m. This pole system has a voltage rating of 30 kV. Karam fall protection equipment is designed with alloy steel and incorporates a plastic moulded hanging hook.
Product Attributes:
• Made of fibreglass and alloy steel
• Plastic moulded hanging hook
• Voltage Rating of 30 kV
• Working reach with extension is 10.5 m
• Fully expanded length of the pole is 8.95 m
• Open expanded height of Telescopic Pole is 7.95 m
• Closed length of Telescopic Pole is 1.95m
• Reliable and sturdy
• Lightweight
• Easy to install

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Country of Origin: 
Alloy Steel, Plastic Moulded
PN 815 (03)
190 grams Hanging Hook Telescopic Pole System
190 grams
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