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Karam PR02 - 55 cm Openable Protective Sleeve

Karam PR02 - 55 cm Openable Protective Sleeve

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Karam PR02 Openable Protective Sleeve is a device that is designed to protect flexible anchorage lines against abrasion due to daily wear and tear. This fall protection equipment is made of flexible PVC. Karam PR02 is detachable and hence easy to use. Karam protective sleeves can be opened and closed with the help of Velcro tape which is stitched along its length. It has hooks and connectors and has a length of 55 cm in length. The length of the openable protective sleeve is 130 mm.
Product Attributes:
• Made of Flexible PVC
• Length of 55 mm
• Velcro tape along its length
• Hooks and Connectors
• Width when open 130 mm, when folded 50 mm
• Comfortable
• Detachable
• Easy to use

Product Specifications


Country of Origin: 
55 cm
Material Type: 
Flexible PVC
55 cm Openable Protective Sleeve
Open: 130 mm, Folded: 50 mm
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