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Karam RS 1199 (01) - Pre Filter Respiratory Accessory

Karam RS 1199 (01) - Pre Filter Respiratory Accessory

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Karam RS 1199 (01) are a range of pre filter respiratory accessories adept at providing protection against particulate matter present in the air. These are an essential part of respiratory protection masks and greatly enhance their filtering capabilities. They prevent the particle filler element present inside the filters/ cartridges from getting blocked by the build-up of particulate elements. This enables the wearer of these respiratory accessories to function effectively even in very dusty and uncomfortable environments. Karam pre filter for mask has a wide range of application in several industries where workers have to spend extended periods of time in undesirable conditions and is an indispensable part of the safety apparatus in these areas.

Product Attributes:

• Used in conjunction with respiratory masks
• Protects wearer from particulate matter present in air
• Ability to filter minute particles


• Prevents clogging of filters and cartridges
• Easy to use
• Versatile
• Guarantees worker safety

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RS 1199 (01)
Pre Filter Respiratory Accessory
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