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Karam SA 15 A - 3900 grams Beam Anchor Trolley

Karam SA 15 A - 3900 grams Beam Anchor Trolley

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Under various safety equipments by Karam which includes under fall protection equipments, hooks and connectors that come the Karam SA 15 A Beam anchor trolley are durable and extremely reliable. Karam beam anchor trolley provides a moveable anchorage point using the length of the beam to which it is mounted, to move along with the user. These haves Steel D-ring attached to the trolley bar to provide a firm anchorage. Karam SA 15 A is made of aluminium and steel that make it highly anti-corrosive resulting in higher longer life. This anchor trolley has adjustable flanges and the wheels provide extremely smooth movement.
Product Attributes:
• Minimum breaking strength of 5000 lbs. or 25 kN
• Conforms to EN 795:2012 Type B & ANSI Z 359.1:2007 IS Specifications
• Adjustable flanges from widths 80 mm to 250 mm
• Constructed of aluminium and steel
• D-ring anchorage
• Anti-corrosive
• Easy to manoeuver
• Strong built
• Smooth wheels
• Easy to install

Product Specifications


Country of Origin: 
IS Specifications: 
EN 795 : 2012 Type B & ANSI Z 359.1:2007
Minimum Breaking Strength: 
5000 lbs. /25kN
SA 15 A
3900 grams Beam Anchor Trolley
3900 grams ± 10 grams
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