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Karam AP 002 - Alloy Steel Single Pulley Double Side Attachment Pulley

Karam AP 002 - Alloy Steel Single Pulley Double Side Attachment Pulley

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Karam AP 002 pulley is made of strong and durable alloy steel and is one of the best fall protection equipments. A Karam pulley can come handy at home, office, construction sites etc. This alloy steel single pulley double side attachment pulley reduces the amount of force required to lift up or lift down an object or load without much effort. This alloy steel pulley provides maximum grip and security as it is a double side attachment pulley and hence turns out to be a very good fall arrester. Karam AP 002 is strong and durable, waterproof, anti-rust and corrosion resistance. It can also withstand high temperature and has a minimum breaking strength of 30 kN. A 12 mm diameter rope can be used along with this pulley for smooth functioning.
Product Attributes:
• Made up of alloy steel
• Double side attachment
• Minimum breaking strength is 30 kN
• Can be attached to 12 mm thick rope
• Meets IS Specifications: EN 12278: 2007
• Lightweight
• Strong and durable
• Waterproof, anti-rust and corrosion resistance
• Heatproof

Product Specifications


Country of Origin: 
IS Specifications: 
EN 12278:2007
Alloy Steel
Minimum Breaking Strength: 
30 kN
AP 002
Alloy Steel Single Pulley Double Side Attachment Pulley
410 grams
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