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Rubber & Plastic mix Rumblers

Rubber & Plastic mix Rumblers

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Product Overview: The Rubber Plastic Mix Rumblers are designed to enhance safety on roads and highways by providing tactile and visual cues to drivers, alerting them to pedestrian crossings, intersections, or other critical points. These rumblers are composed of a durable rubber-plastic blend, ensuring longevity and resilience to weather conditions and vehicular traffic.


  • Size: 130x500x25 mm
  • Material: Rubber Plastic Mix
  • Purpose: Traffic calming, pedestrian safety enhancement


  1. Durable Construction: The rubber-plastic blend ensures durability, capable of withstanding heavy traffic and adverse weather conditions without compromising effectiveness.

  2. Tactile Feedback: The raised surface of the rumblers provides tactile feedback to drivers, alerting them to slow down and exercise caution in designated areas.

  3. Visual Contrast: The contrasting color of the rumblers enhances visibility, especially in low light conditions or adverse weather, improving overall safety.

  4. Easy Installation: Designed for easy installation, the rumblers can be quickly installed using end caps and screw bolts, ensuring minimal disruption to traffic flow during implementation.

  5. Customizable Size: Available in a standard size of 130x500x25 mm, with the flexibility for customization to suit specific project requirements.

Optional Components:

  • End Caps: Optional end caps are available for purchase separately, providing a finished look to the rumblers and ensuring safety by preventing tripping hazards.

  • Screw Bolts: Screw bolts are also available for separate purchase, facilitating secure installation of the rumblers onto road surfaces.

Additional Charges:

  • Installation charges for end caps and screw bolts are additional and may vary depending on the quantity and installation requirements.


  • Road intersections
  • Pedestrian crossings
  • School zones
  • Parking lots
  • Industrial areas

Conclusion: The Rubber Plastic Mix Rumblers offer an effective solution for enhancing road safety and traffic calming measures. With their durable construction, tactile feedback, and easy installation features, they are an ideal choice for various traffic management applications. Optional components such as end caps and screw bolts provide additional customization and safety enhancements, ensuring compliance with safety standards and regulations.

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