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Nylon Knitted Glove

Nylon Knitted Glove

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Introducing the Polyurethane Dipped Work Gloves – the jack-of-all-trades for museum technicians. These gloves provide the perfect balance of protection and dexterity, so you can handle even the most delicate artifacts with ease.

The flexible polyurethane coating gives you a grip that won’t quit, while still allowing you to feel every delicate detail. No more fumbling around with gloves that are either too bulky or too thin. These gloves are just right!

And the best part? They’re lightweight, comfortable, and let your hands breathe, so you can wear them all day and not get those pruney hands.

So, say goodbye to constantly switching gloves and hello to the washable all-in-one solution. Grab a pair of Polyurethane Dipped Work Gloves today and see

Certification:   CE
Certificate:       EN388 4131X
Knitted:           13 Gauge Nylon
Dipping Material: Polyurethane (offers more dexterity than nitrile)
Dipping Colour:  Navy/Black
Available Size:   7/S,8/M,9/L,10/XL,11/XXL
Wash or not:      Yep, wash away

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