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Youngman Aluminum Single Side Self Supporting Ladder

Youngman Aluminum Single Side Self Supporting Ladder

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The  ladder is engineered using high-grade robust aluminium. The box section stiles provide added rigidity and sturdiness to ensure maximum performance on the job site and the D-shaped rungs provide added grip during use. Features include unique wrap-around top clips with smooth-glide runners to reduce wear and tear and slip-resistant feet for added safety during use.



  • High-performance box-section alloy stiles for strength and rigidity
  • Easy to use push-up operation
  • Slip-resistant D-shaped rungs
  • Rung clips to secure sections together for safe use and easy transport
  • Unique wrap-around top clips with smooth glide runners to reduce wear and tear
  • Slip-resistant feet for added safety
  • 150kg load capacity
  • Approved to the latest EN131 Standard


Product Name Height of Ladder (Closed) mm Maximum Standing Height (mm) L*B Dimensions (mm) Maximum Reach (mm) C section dimensions (mm) step distance (mm)
Aluminum SINGLESIDE 2 STEP LADDER 542 300 640x400 1800 78X25X2.5 300
Aluminum SINGLESIDE 3 STEP LADDER 842 550 740x445 2100 78X25X2.5 300
Aluminum SINGLESIDE 4 STEP LADDER 1142 550 840x470 2100 78X25X2.5 300
Aluminum SINGLESIDE 5 STEP LADDER 1440 820 940x500 2400 78X25X2.5 300
Aluminum SINGLESIDE 6 STEP LADDER 1738 1100 1190x645 2700 78X25X2.5 300
Aluminum SINGLESIDE 7 STEP LADDER 2060 1400 1430x575 2950 78X25X2.5 300
Aluminum SINGLESIDE 8 STEP LADDER 2338 1660 1595x625 3200 78X25X2.5 300
Aluminum SINGLESIDE 10 STEP LADDER 2950 2210 1935x690 3460 78X25X2.5 300
Aluminum SINGLESIDE 12 STEP LADDER 3520 2780 2200x765 4330 78X25X2.5 300
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