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Youngman FRP (Fiberglass) Single Sided Self Supporting Ladder

Youngman FRP (Fiberglass) Single Sided Self Supporting Ladder

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Introducing the FRP A Type Single Side Ladder, perfect solution for all your electrical work needs, whether at home or industrial. our FRP ladder is made of seven layers of fiberglass, ensuring maximum durability and load capacity bearing is 150 kg. The non-conductive stiles can withstand up to 30,000 volts, making it most safest ladder to use around electrical sensitive areas. The FRP step ladder comes with a multi-functional holster top to keep your tools organized and securely in place. The slip-resistant steps ensure your safety while climbing, and the heavy-duty bracing at the bottom provides enhanced strength and prevents rail damage than regular ladders.

Our single side ladder is ideal for a wide range of purposes, from cleaning fans to repairing and other domestic chores, as well as industrial work. It is approved by the latest EN131 standard and is both rust and waterproof. Additionally, it is heat and chemical resistant, making it durable and long-lasting.


  • Non-conductive fibreglass stiles ideal for working around electricity
  • High-performance holster top, with specially designed paint, tool and equipment holders
  • Easy to operate external spreaders
  • Slip-resistant treads
  • Heavy duty bracing for enhanced bracing strength to protect rail against damage
  • Approved to the latest EN131 Standard
  • For Professional and home use
Product Name Height of Ladder (Closed) mm Maximum Standing Height (mm) Weight of Ladder (KG)

L*B Dimensions(mm)

Maximum Reach(mm)
FRP2 Tread-300 542 300 3.7 640x400 1800
FRP4 Tread-300 1142 550 6.1 840x470 2100
FRP5 Tread-300 1440 820 7.5 940x500 2400
FRP6 Tread-300 1738 1100 8.85 1190x645 2700
FRP7 Tread-300 2060 1400 10 1430x575 2950
FRP8 Tread-300 2338 1660 11.3 1595x625 3200
FRP10 Tread-300 2950 2210 14.2 1935x690 3460
FRP12 Tread-300 3520 2780 17 2200x765 4330
FRP14 Tread-300 4120 3370 20 2570x840 4920
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