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Milan Safety

Aluminised Apron

Aluminised Apron

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Minimum Order Quantity 2 Number
Country of Origin Made in India
Wash Care Gentel clean
Pattern Plain
Disposable NonDisposable
Do you fulfil sample orders Yes
Color Silver
Disposable(Y/N) Yes
Size Large,Small,Medium
Material Aluminized fabric
Brand Alumaster
Feature Waterproof
Usage/Application Steel, Foundry
Application Blast Furnace,To Protect werear from Heat
Features Heat Resistant Radiant heat resistnat

Make- Alumaster 
Model- AluEco 

Aluminised apron made out of Aluminized Fabric reflect 95% of the heat and protect wearers against hazardous molten metal, radiant heat and flame.

Being a reputed heat resistant apron Manufacturer. our company designs various capable of high heat and extreme temperature conditions. Safety of our users is our top priority.
This is the reason why our Heat protectibve Apron are tested for intactness of the fabric in extreme industrial conditions.

Created using the most cutting-edge technologies available today.
In addition to ease of use, we have even secured our clients' safety.
Aluminized Apron methods are effective in managing heat control capacity and boosting fire Safety when compared to other heat protection solutions. 

Aluminised flame resistance apron  protects against molten metal splash and splatter while also reflecting a significant amount of radiant heat, keeping the wearer safe.

Aluminised Apron essential for protecting arms, ankles and the head against dangers like a radiant flame or molten metal splash.

 Material Composition

Outer Layer : Made out of 460 GSM Premium Aluminized Para-aramid knitted blend fabric tested & certified as per latest European norms EN ISO 11612:2015 & meet the class A1,A2, B2, C4,D3, E3.

Inner Layer: 100% Cotton FR Fabric certified to EN ISO 11612 , A1, B1, C1, C4.

DESIGN & FEATURES :  Apron without sleeves comes with Velcro provision on back side for size adjustment


The entire apron is stitched with mechanically strong aramid thread confirming to EN 388, EN 407 thread.

Advantages of the Aluminized Apron 

It will in general be used for cover against unbearable temperature.

It could only be used against hot steam, fluid metal sprinkle threats, and defence conditions.

Ideal for use in situations like Furnace, petrochemical factories to create incredible warmth, streaks, and hot liquid.

Application Foundries, Metallurgy Industries, Steel Plant, protection against the radiant heat.



                                 Passes Level- A1,B1,C4,D3,E3,F1

Features & Benefits 

High protection to heat and radiant heat effectively prevents molten metal splash

·   The fireproof apron is lightweight providing comfort & ease of working

Hi-Care's Safety aluminized aprons reflect up to 95% of radiant energy while protecting from sparks and molten metal splash. These bib-style heat resistant aprons are specifically engineered to maximize mobility and ease of use while maximizing safety and heat protections.

Normally used for protection in high degree temperature ,glass industrial ,metal industrial ,oil industrial, fire protection etc could be protect against  1000 degree .

Aluminized aprons are available in 2 sizes. or customisation can be done as per requirment
  • Medium: 24" wide x 36" long 
  • Large: 24" wide x 48 " long 
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