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Double Cord Safety Nets

Double Cord Safety Nets

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Double cord safety nets are used in construction, industrial, and other work environments where there is a risk of falling from heights. These nets are designed to provide protection to workers by catching them in the event of a fall, preventing or minimizing injuries. Here are some details about double cord safety nets:

  1. Material: Double cord safety nets are typically made of high-strength synthetic fibers, such as polypropylene or nylon. These materials are durable, resistant to weathering, and have high tensile strength, making them capable of withstanding the forces generated by a fall.

  2. Construction: Double cord safety nets are constructed with two layers of cordage, usually with a mesh size of around 100mm. The cords are woven or knotted together to create a strong net that can absorb the impact of a fall and distribute the force evenly across the net to minimize the risk of injury.

  3. Cord Diameter: The cords used in double cord safety nets are typically between 10mm and 14mm in diameter, depending on the specific requirements of the job site and the regulations in place. Thicker cords are generally used for heavier loads or higher fall heights.

  4. Border Rope: Double cord safety nets often have a border rope around the perimeter, which provides additional strength and stability to the net. The border rope is usually made of a thicker cordage and is used to attach the net to the supporting structure or anchorage points.

  5. Testing and Standards: Double cord safety nets are required to meet certain standards and regulations, such as EN 1263-1:2014 for fall protection nets. These standards specify requirements for mesh size, cord strength, border rope, and overall construction to ensure the safety and reliability of the nets.

  6. Installation: Double cord safety nets are installed by trained and qualified personnel, following specific guidelines and instructions provided by the manufacturer. The nets are typically attached securely to structural elements, such as steel beams or anchor points, using appropriate hardware, and are tensioned to ensure proper performance in case of a fall.

  7. Inspection and Maintenance: Double cord safety nets should be inspected regularly for signs of wear and damage, and any issues should be addressed promptly. Proper maintenance, including cleaning and storage, should also be carried out according to the manufacturer's recommendations to ensure the longevity and effectiveness of the nets.

  8. Usage: Double cord safety nets are designed to provide passive fall protection and should be used as a last resort after other fall prevention measures, such as guardrails and personal protective equipment, have been implemented. Workers should be trained in the proper use of safety nets and should always follow established safety procedures and guidelines.

Double cord safety nets are an important safety measure in many work environments where falls from heights are a risk. Proper selection, installation, inspection, and maintenance of these nets are essential to ensure their effectiveness in protecting workers from fall-related injuries. It is important to consult with a qualified safety professional or engineer to determine the appropriate type and configuration of double cord safety net for a specific job site.

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