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KARAM AC HELMET ISI Certified Aironic Air Conditioned Safety Helmet with Cooling, Heating System

KARAM AC HELMET ISI Certified Aironic Air Conditioned Safety Helmet with Cooling, Heating System

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This item is made to order. Please contact us before placing an order!

  • Introducing KARAM ISI Certified Aironic Air Conditioned Safety Helmet with Cooling and Heating System, PN629AC(WHITE).

    Experience the future of safety gear with KARAM's groundbreaking AC Helmet. Crafted to prioritize both protection and comfort, this innovative helmet is engineered to provide thermal relief to workers in demanding industrial and outdoor environments.

    Product Highlights:

    1. Advanced Cooling and Heating System: Designed to maintain optimal temperature levels, the integrated cooling and heating system target key areas such as the scalp, eyes, and ears, ensuring a superior cooling experience in hot conditions and warmth in cooler environments.

    2. Visor for Enhanced Safety: The included visor, constructed from high-quality polycarbonate, offers added protection to the eyes, making it ideal for factory operations and other hazardous work environments.

    3. Exceptional Protection: Built with high-quality injection molded polymer, the helmet not only shields the head from falling objects but also boasts remarkable shock absorption capabilities, minimizing the impact of accidents.

    4. Customizable Fit: Featuring a ratchet-type adjustment mechanism, the AC Helmet can be easily adjusted to fit various head sizes, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit for every user.

    5. Lightweight and Compact: Despite its advanced features, the AC Helmet remains lightweight and compact, allowing for unhindered movement and all-day wearability.

    6. Forehead Comfort Pad: Equipped with a forehead comfort pad made from textile-laminated foam, this helmet delivers additional softness and comfort for extended wear.


    - Brand: KARAM
    - Model Number: PN629AC(WHITE)
    - Color: White
    - **Material**: Helmet - Injection Molded Polymer, Visor - Polycarbonate
    - Weight: 0.9370 Kg
    - Country of Origin: India
    - Shelf Life: 5 years
    - Warranty: 1 Year from the date of Invoice against any manufacturing defect.

    Upgrade your safety gear with the KARAM Aironic AC Helmet, engineered for unparalleled protection, comfort, and adaptability in challenging work environments. Invest in your safety today.

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