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Karam PCGS 20R - 20 meter Triton Retractable Block with Retrieval System

Karam PCGS 20R - 20 meter Triton Retractable Block with Retrieval System

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Karam PCGS 20R triton retractable block with retrieval system is a device having locking pins on the side of the casing at the base of the handle allowing this dual system to work independently in two modes with efficacy. The two modes of Karam retractable block fall arrester are fall arrest and winch modes. Karam PCGS 20R can be easily mounted on the leg of Karam Tripod PN800 using specialized brackets. The dual mode functionality of this fall protector equipment helps in the easy movement of the user while working in confined spaces. The winch mode of Karam PCGS 20R enables easy retrieval.
Product Attributes:
• Locking pins enabling the dual system
• Retractable mode
• Winch mode
• Comes with PN 162 Snap Hook
• 20 m in length
• Dual mode functions
• User-friendly
• Easy movement
• Fall protected
• Easy retrieval
• Can be mounted on Karam Tripod PN800 using specialized brackets

Product Specifications


Country of Origin: 
IS Specification: 
EN 360:2002 & EN 1496:2006 Class B
20 meters
Minimum Breaking Strength: 
12 kN

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