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Karam PN 328(AS) - No Spark Antistatic EA Lanyard

Karam PN 328(AS) - No Spark Antistatic EA Lanyard

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The Karam PN 328(AS) is a no spark antistatic EA lanyard available in sizes 1 m, 1.5 m, 1.8 m and 2 m. The Karam PN 328(AS) lanyard has energy absorber at one end and karabiner of aluminium at the other end. The Karam lanyard is made of antistatic webbing material. The beneficial aspect of antistatic material is that it prevents the discharge of electrostatic ignition. Hence these lanyards are safe to use in explosive environments when working in heights. The special webbing materials used in these lanyards avoid the formation of dust and dirt and thus avoids the development of charges. The make and model with the antistatic material lead to improved safety.

Product Attributes:

• Available in lengths 1 m, 1.5 m, 1.8 m and 2 m
• Has energy absorber PN 300 (AS) at one end
• Aluminium karabiner PN 117 at the other end
• Antistatic webbing material wide of 44 m


• Avoids development of charges
• Used in an explosive environment
• User-friendly
• Durable
• Avoids accidents
• Special webbing is beneficial

Product Specifications


Country of Origin: 
European Standards Specifications: 
Conforms to ATEX94/9/CE EN 13463-1:2009, EN 13463-5:2003, EN 1149-1: 2006, EN 1149-5: 2008
1.0 Mts, 1.5 Mts, 1.8 Mts, 2.0Mts
PN 328(AS)
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