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Karam PN 44(02) - Rhino Full body Harness Belt

Karam PN 44(02) - Rhino Full body Harness Belt

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The Karam PN 44(02) comes in an e catching black with green colour. The Karam PN 44(02) protects the full body and weighs about 1800 gram. The Karam full body harness belt is manufactured from good quality polyester and hence strong. The harnesses are very important equipment for workers safety as they work in high structures. The fall protection equipment has D ring for chest attachment and a dorsal attachment D ring for fall arrest. The equipment has adjustable thigh and shoulder straps. The fall protection equipment is designed with dual colour for thigh and shoulder straps. For additional support, sit strap is also present.
Product Attributes:
• Fall arrest with dorsal D rings and one chest attachment D ring
• Work positioning with two lateral rings
• Adjustable thigh and shoulder straps
• Designed for Working position and fall arrest
• Durable
• User-friendly
• Light weight and ergonomic design
• Used by climbers, workers in industry, building etc.

Product Specifications


Country of Origin: 
European Standards Specifications: 
Conforms to EN 361:2002, EN 358: 1999
PN 44(02)
Full body Protection
1800 gms
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