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Metal Hasp with Powder coated

Metal Hasp with Powder coated

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Metal Hasp with Powder coated on full hasp
body having 6 holes for locking of six person.

A metallic hasp is a type of fastening device that is typically used to secure doors, cabinets, lockers, chests, and other items. It is made of metal, which provides strength and durability, and is designed to prevent unauthorized access or tampering. Here are some details about metallic hasps:

Material: Metallic hasps are typically made of various metals such as stainless steel, brass, or zinc-plated steel. These materials are known for their corrosion resistance and strength, making them suitable for outdoor and indoor applications.

Design: Metallic hasps usually consist of two main components: a hinged plate or loop that attaches to the door or cabinet, and a staple or latch that is mounted on the frame or body of the item being secured. The plate or loop is attached with screws or rivets, and the staple or latch is typically secured with a padlock or combination lock.

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