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FRP (Fiberglass) Swing Type - Platform Ladder

FRP (Fiberglass) Swing Type - Platform Ladder

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The FRP-Swing Type-Platform Ladder is built with safety in mind, with non-conductive stiles that provide protection up to 30,000 volts and a weight bearing capability of 150 kg. The Youngman FRP platform ladder is comprised of seven layers of high-quality fiberglass for optimal durability and stability. ideal for both Industrial & home purposes which are electrically or chemically exposed. This Platform Ladder offers big platform for a safe and comfortable work environment, as well as a multi-functional holster top for keeping tools organized and within reach. The slip-resistant steps ensure added safety and confidence when moving up and down the ladder. The FRP Swing Type Platform Ladder is EN131 certified and approved to meet the latest European standard. It's heat and chemical resistant, 100% rust and waterproof, ensuring it can withstand harsh environments.


Product Name Height of Ladder (Closed) mm Maximum Standing Height (mm) Weight of Ladder (KG) L*B Dimensions (mm) Maximum Reach(mm) Platform Size/ Step Size(mm) C section dimensions (mm) step distance (mm)
FRP-4Tread-Swing 1790 950 11.5 1130x580 2500 400x320 80x30x3 250
FRP-5Tread-Swing 2040 1200 14.375 1180x580 2750 400x320 80x30x3 250
FRP-6Tread-Swing 2290 1450 17.25 1230x595 3000 400x320 80x30x3 250
FRP-7 Tread-Swing 2440 1700 20.125 1425x610 3250 400x320 80x30x3 250
FRP-8 Tread-Swing 2790 2050 25.6 1620x625 3600 400x320 80x30x3 250
FRP-10 Tread-Swing 3290 2550 32 1815x640 4100 400x320 80x30x3 250
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