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Karam EP 22 - Ear Muff Foldable Deluxe

Karam EP 22 - Ear Muff Foldable Deluxe

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Karam ear muff foldable deluxe are a range of ear protection devices used to protect user’s ears from loud noise at the workplace. These earmuffs are used in various areas such as industrial, agricultural and construction industries. Karam earmuffs have plastic head bands folds to facilitate storage away from dust, in pockets or a bay. Karam EP 22 has soft cushioned pads which enable good sealing against noise. These accessories are essential as continued exposure to loud noise can have visible detrimental effects on long term health.

Product Attributes:

• Foldable ear protection
• Plastic head bands
• Cushioned pads
• EN 352-1: 2002 certification


• Portable
• Easy storage
• Comfortable to use

Product Specifications


Area of Application: 
Industrial, Agricultural and Construction Machinery
Country of Origin: 
IS Specifications: 
EN 352-1:2002
EP 22
Ear Muff Foldable Deluxe
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