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Karam EP 23 - Ear Muff Helmet Attachable

Karam EP 23 - Ear Muff Helmet Attachable

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This earmuff has an easy snap on/off mechanism thus enabling easy and convenient mounting onto safety helmets. Karam earmuff has a spring-loaded stand and off function that helps press the earmuff firmly to the ear for better protection against noise. Karam EP 23 is an essential component of the safety apparatus in several industries such as agriculture, construction and manufacturing, and allows users to work for extended periods in close proximity to loud machinery without compromising on their health or quality of output.

Product Attributes:

• Attachable to helmets
• Snap on/off mechanism
• Spring-loaded stand
• Meets IS Specifications: EN 352-3: 2002


• Easy mounting onto helmets
• Comfortable to use
• Prevents long term health problems

Product Specifications


Area of Application: 
Industrial, Agricultural and Construction Machinery
Country of Origin: 
IS Specifications: 
EN 352-3:2002
EP 23
Ear Muff Helmet Attachable
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