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Karam PN 22(DE) - Dienoc Dielectric Non-Conductive Harness Belt

Karam PN 22(DE) - Dienoc Dielectric Non-Conductive Harness Belt

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Karam PN 22(DE) is a Dienoc Dielectric non-conductive harness belt for full body protection. The Karam PN 22(DE) has textile loops with two chest attachments. The Karam harness belt has a D- ring for fall arrest and also a non-conductive dorsal attachment. The harness is completely insulated due to metal adjustment buckles and special plastic coated D rings. The fall protection equipment is snug fitting and flexible by using shoulder straps. The fall protection equipment is designed with polyester webbing and hence lasts longer. These harnesses are best for workers working on risks of electrical hazards.

Product Attributes:

• Snug fitting and flexibility with shoulder straps
• Electrically insulated
• Special plastic coated D rings
• Metal adjustment buckles
• Fall arrest with non-conductive dorsal attachment D rings
• Two chest attachments


• Electrically insulated and avoids electrical hazards
• Used in an electrical environment
• User-friendly
• Long life
• Enhanced safety
• Technical sound features
• Comfortable and safe usage

Product Specifications


Country of Origin: 
European Standards Specifications: 
Conforms to EN 361: 2002
PN 22(DE)
Full body Protection
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