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Karam PN 361(AS) - No Spark Antistatic EA Lanyard

Karam PN 361(AS) - No Spark Antistatic EA Lanyard

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The Karam PN 361 (AS) is a no spark antistatic EA lanyard available in lengths 1.5 m, 1.8 m and 2 m. Karam lanyards are made from antistatic material and hence do not create a spark. Hence Karam lanyards are perfect to work in explosive environments especially in heights. The Karam PN 361(AS) has energy absorber at one end and aluminium karabiner at the other end. The Karam lanyard has other two ends fixed with rebar hooks. The fall protection equipments webbing is tested for surface resistance. The Karam lanyard is an antistatic fall protection gear and hence enhanced safety for workers.
Product Attributes:
• Lengths are of 1.5 m, 1.8m & 2.0m
• Energy absorber PN 300(AS) at one end
• PN 117 aluminium karabiner at the other end
• Antistatic webbing material of 44m wide
• Follows European standard specifications
• Improved safety with an antistatic material
• Used in explosive environments
• User-friendly and lightweight
• Durable
• Webbing prevents dust and dirt
• No charge is developed

Product Specifications


Country of Origin: 
European Standards Specifications: 
Conforms to ATEX94/9/CE EN 13463-1:2009, EN 13463-5:2003
1.5 Mts, 1.8 Mts, 2.0Mts
PN 361(AS)
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