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Karam PN 651 - Maintenance and Window Cleaning Kit

Karam PN 651 - Maintenance and Window Cleaning Kit

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Karam Maintenance and Window Cleaning Kit consist of equipment ideal for workers who clean and perform maintenance work on hotels and giant buildings' exterior windows. The backpack comprises Full body harness, fall arrestor, Toolbag, Anchorage Rope, Karabiner, Anchorage webbing sling and Grip Descender. The Maintenance and Window Cleaning Kit is enough to satisfy the requirements of the workers comfortably. The fall arrestor and harness protects the user from falling and slipping. The length of the anchorage line is 50 m. The bag can be easily accessed as all the components are neatly arranged with instructions. The entire kit has one year warranty against manufacturing defects.

Product Features:

Brand- Karam

Made in- India

Model- PN 651

Anchorage Rope- 14 mm, 50 meter

Anchorage webbing sling- 1.2 meter

Anchorage Line: 50m

Certified- C.E. Norms

Product Specifications


1 Full body harness (PN 56), 1 Fall Arrester (PN 2000A), 50 meters (14 mm) Anchorage Rope, 1 Tool Bag (BG 12), Kernmantle Rope (PN 950 K), 1 Grip Descender (PN 401), 3 numbers Karabiner (PN 112), 2 numbers (1.2 meters) Anchorage Webbing Sling (PN 803)
Country of Origin: 
PN 651
Maintenance and Window Cleaning Kit
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