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Karam PN 652 - Rescue Kit

Karam PN 652 - Rescue Kit

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The Karam Rescue Kit is designed to rescue the user from falling, slipping and sudden jerks. The kit consists of a Full body harness, Steel Karabiner, Kernmantle rope, Aluminum double pulley, Anchorage webbing sling in a Sling bag. The kit also comprises a Telescopic pole of 3 meters to support the victim from falling. The rescue kit also includes a rope of different sizes to rescue the victim if fallen into pits or to secure one while ascending or descending. The bag has a zip that allows access and closure at a fast pace. The Rescue kit occupies significantly less space as the kit's objects are neatly arranged in an orderly manner. Product Features- Cross arm strap -1.2 meter Twisted rope lanyard- 1.5 metres Work positioning lanyard with grip adjuster -2.0m Brand- Karam Made in- India Model- PN 652

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Full Body Harness (PN 56), Fall Arrester (PN 2000A), Kernmantle Rope (PN 950K), Grip Descender (PN 401), Deluxe Universal Kit Bag (BG 20), 2Pcs of 1.2mtr Anchorage Webbing Sling (PN 803), 3Pcs of Karabiner (PN 112), 14mm Anchorage Rope of 50mtr length (PN
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PN 652
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