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Karam PN 806 - 1 Meter Concrete Anchor Strap

Karam PN 806 - 1 Meter Concrete Anchor Strap

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Best suited for mountaineering, rock climbing, cleaning windows, construction, etc., Karam PN 806 concrete anchor straps have a total length of 1 m and are made up of 44 mm wide polyester webbing. There is additional stitching of 70 mm webbing at the back to provide extra protection to wearers. These Karam cross arm straps have a small D-ring at one end and a larger D-ring at the other end. The minimum breaking strength of these fall protection equipments is 18 kN up to 3 minutes. These fall arresters have high safety and quality standards and conform to EN 795:2012 Type B Is specifications.

Product Attributes:

• 1 m concrete anchor strap
• 44 mm wide polyester webbing
• D-rings at both ends (1 larger than the other)
• Additional 70 mm webbing at the back
• Minimum breaking strength of 18 kN up to 3 minutes
• Conform to EN 795:2012 Type B IS specifications


• Improved protection and security
• Adherence to industry standards
• High safety standards
• Prevent fall

Product Specifications


Country of Origin: 
IS Specifications: 
EN 795 : 2012 Type B
1 Meter
Material Type: 
44mm wide Polyester Webbing stitched with 70mm webbing
PN 806
1 Meter Concrete Anchor Strap

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