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Karam PN03 - Slim Work Positioning Belt

Karam PN03 - Slim Work Positioning Belt

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The Karam PN03 is a slim work positioning belt that comes in black with fluorescent green colour. The Karam slim work positioning belt helps workers work in heights hands-free. The Karam PN03 has loops that help the workers carry their tools to heights. The Karam slim positioning belt comes with a work positioning belt and a work positioning lanyard. The belt is linked to the harnesses for workers safety. The fall protection equipment has the belt as an element. There is also an adjustable buckle that helps the worker to adjust for comfort.

Product Attributes:

• Work positioning with two lateral D rings
• Webbing loops for holding tools
• Back pad 145mm
• Optimum width comfort pad


• Provides complete support for long hours
• Adjustable
• Used by industrial, construction and automobile workers
• Improved safety
• Lightweight
• Easy to use and store
• Durable

Product Specifications


Back pad width: 
145 mm
Belt Size: 
Country of Origin: 
European Standards Specifications: 
Conforms to EN 358: 1999
PN 03
Tool Holding Loops: 
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