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Karam PN22 (PN206D) - Rhino Full Body Harness With Double Lanyard

Karam PN22 (PN206D) - Rhino Full Body Harness With Double Lanyard

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Karam Rhino Full Body Harness Safety Belt with Double Lanyard harness protects the user's arms, chest and back by distributing the weight on the saddle and the belts. Full Body Harness Safety Belt Double Lanyard comes with a double lanyard made of rigid material to sustain the sudden jerk from heights. Rhino Full Body Harness Safety Belt has a D-ring fall arrest attachment fixed on shoulder straps on the back and front. The D-ring reduces the falling force while falling, which reduces the falling person's speed, and thus, it arrests the fall. The shoulder, waist and arms straps are made with hard nylon and polyester material to resists 2000 kg weight.

Product Features:

Brand- Karam

Colour- Red

Model- P.N. 23

Weight- 1300 grams

Lanyard- Double Lanyard PN 206

Made in- India

Lanyard length- D/L Big Hook

Material- Nylon

Product Specifications


For Fall Arrest
Country of Origin: 
Harness Material: 
Harness Weight: 
1.2 Kgs
Lanyard Length: 
2 m
Rope Diameter: 
2 m
Rope Material: 
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