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Karam PN399(IS) - 1.5 Mts. Revolta Fall Arrest Lanyard

Karam PN399(IS) - 1.5 Mts. Revolta Fall Arrest Lanyard

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Lanyards are considered as a connecting element of fall protection equipment. The Karam PN399 (IS) is a 1.5 meters lanyard. The Karam fall arrest lanyard has aluminium snap hook PN 129 at one end and aluminium rebar hook PN 136 at the other end. The Karam PN399 (IS) connects the harness to the anchor point. The Karam fall arrest lanyard is an internal shock-absorbing expandable lanyard that offers complete ergonomics and safety for the workers. Has a built-in impact indicator so that lanyard can be identified at the time of fall. The lanyard is black in colour with perfect sewing. Karam PN399(IS) is tested and certified as per EN 355:2002.

Product Attributes:

• 2 m expanded and 15 m relaxed
• Single leg fall arrest expandable
• Elastic nature
• Internal shock absorber
• Aluminium snap hook PN129 at one end and aluminium rebar hook PN136 at the other end


• Avoids tripping over the lanyard
• Lightweight
• Minimizes trip hazards
• User-friendly
• Impact indicator incorporated

Product Specifications


Avialable Length: 
1.5 Mts Relaxed, 2.0 Expanded
Country of Origin: 
European Standards Specifications: 
Conforms to EN 355:2002, EN 354: 2010
Lanyard Type: 
Relaxed Length
PN 399(IS)
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