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Torp Redding 03 Electrical Safety Shoes

Torp Redding 03 Electrical Safety Shoes

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"GST Additional"

  • Upper : Heavy printed split Leather
  • Lining : Imported taibrelle gray
  • Toe : Composite
  • Out sole : Direct injection
  • Sizes : 39 - 48
  • Density : Double density Pu/Pu
  • Color : Mid grey / black
  • Optional : Anti perforation textile, single density / double density, single color / double color
  • SRA + SRB = SRC


The Torp Redding 03 Electrical Safety Shoes are the ultimate choice for individuals seeking top-notch protection in electrical environments. As an electrical safety shoe, these shoes excel in ensuring optimal safety. Featuring ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) technology, they serve as anti-static, conductive, and shock-resistant footwear, effectively dissipating electrical charges. These shoes are non-conductive and electrically insulated, shielding wearers from potential electric shocks. With their safety toe feature, they offer comprehensive protection for the feet. Ideal for those in need of ESD protective footwear, the Torp Redding 03 Electrical Safety Shoes provide a secure and comfortable fit while prioritizing electrical safety.
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