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Youngman Walk Through Frame

Youngman Walk Through Frame

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Youngman Walk-Through Frame is an ideal solution for long-span structures, such as facade towers. Its lightweight construction, EN and TUV certifications, time-saving features, and safety enhancements make it a valuable asset for maintenance, installation work, and short-term access needs. By enabling easy and convenient movement between structures, the Walk Through Frame promotes continuous momentum, productivity, and safety for workers in facade tower projects. The Youngman Walk-Through Frame is a highly preferred solution for long-span structures, particularly in the facade and cantilever towers, as it facilitates easy access between different sections. This frame is designed to enhance convenience and efficiency during maintenance, installation work, or short-term access requirements. 

Key Features:

Lightweight Construction: The Walk Through Frame is constructed using high-quality 6082 T6 aluminum, ensuring it is lightweight yet sturdy. This lightweight design makes it easy to handle and maneuver, improving usability and reducing physical strain on workers. 

EN and TUV Certified: The Walk Through Frame meets stringent safety standards and has obtained certifications from EN and TUV. These certifications validate its structural integrity, reliability, and adherence to safety regulations, providing peace of mind to users. 

Time-Saving and Productivity Boost: By providing easy access between different sections of the facade tower, the Walk Through Frame helps reduce time spent on maneuvering around the structure. This efficient access enables workers to maintain a continuous momentum, enhancing overall productivity and workflow. 

Safety Enhancement: The Walk Through Frame addresses safety concerns by offering a secure and convenient passageway within the facade tower. Instead of relying on frame rungs or inconvenient routes, workers can move seamlessly between structures, minimizing the risk of accidents and improving overall safety on the job site.


Style: Frame
Material: Aluminium 6082 T6
Open Height (m): 2.13m
Width (m): 1.51m
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